Smart Levees: levee monitoring with smart linings passes first stress test in real environment

To monitor in real time the functionality and tightness of river embankments through the use of “smart” linings, developed through the integration of double-twist mesh reinforced anti-erosion geomats and fiber-optic sensors.

This is the goal of the Smart Levee experimentation, funded by the Emilia-Romagna Region’s Agency for Territorial Safety and Civil Protection and the result of the collaboration between the Milan Polytechnic Foundation, which coordinated the activities, the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering of the University of Padua, Officine Maccaferri Spa and Optosensing Srl.

More than 200 square meters of smart coatings were installed during the first months of 2023 at the left bank of the Grizzaga Torrent, located at the critical Fossalta hydraulic junction in Modena, near the outlet of the Tiepido into the Panaro River. To complement the experimental site, a sensor park of geotechnical-agronomic nature and a testing system of the linings themselves have also been installed on the country side embankment face…. Read more