Modern technologies have enabled the use of optical fibres as sensors.

Optosensing, in this field, develops and produces sensors dedicated to measuring strain and temperature along the entire installation length of the fibre (distributed sensing) and sensors/devices capable of measuring the integral strain of the area on which the optical fibre is installed.

Another Optosensing division deals with the development and production of dedicated security systems (perimeter controls with optical fibre).

Optosensing products cover a broad spectrum of needs ranging from the structural monitoring of large-scale works, to the monitoring of gas pipelines for the detection of structural criticalities and leaks, to the monitoring of buildings after structural and seismic upgrades.

Last but not least, environmental and geotechnical monitoring of unstable slopes, embankments and containment works (rockfall nets, reinforced soil, gabions).

The fibre optic network, capable of covering lengths of up to tens of kilometres, represents an extremely valid monitoring system both in the preventive control phase of the structures, generating early warning signals if critical thresholds are exceeded, and in the post-event analysis phase, allowing the immediate assessment of any structural damage that may have occurred, with the possibility of clearly identifying the damaged area.