Optosensing produces distributed fibre optic sensors and systems for temperature and deformation measurement with high temporal and spatial resolution. Continuous readings, even remotely, are taken along the entire structural element or material to which the fibre is connected.

Monitoring of facilities
Geotechnical monitoring
Oil and gas
Energy and environment

“Extremely thin, light, flexible, immune to electromagnetic interference, corrosion or alteration due to chemical agents…”.

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It was born in 2013 from the collaboration of researchers from the Second University of Naples working in the fields of electronic, civil and environmental engineering, and the company, active in the field of civil and industrial monitoring.

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      What does the fibre optic sensor monitor?

      The fibre-optic sensor is used for strain, displacement, temperature and leak detection monitoring.

      How is the fibre optic sensor installed?

      The fibre-optic sensor must absorb deformations of the structure to be monitored. Depending on the field of application, it can be glued, staked, inserted into grooves or even embedded in cement mortar.

      Should the fibre optic sensor break, does it need to be replaced?

      Should a point breakage of the sensor be discovered during installation or during its service life, it will be possible to carry out a splicing operation following verification by Optosensing S.r.l.’s specialised technicians.

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